Our Purpose

The HR Strategy Council’s purpose is to provide Human Resources Leaders with a forum for thought leadership, best practices, strategies and tactics for the future world of work. Join us for weekly gatherings and bring your thoughts and questions to the Council Table as we collectively explore emerging trends and issues critical to future organizational success.

Our Story

At the beginning of COVID, I was feeling so helpless. My business ground to a halt.  

I wanted to do something to support my HR Community, so I started a Weekly COVID Working group to talk about best practices to deal with this new phenomenon. Now, almost 4 months later, this small idea has grown into an amazing Working Group of HR Leaders (and 4 subgroups) who meet every Monday and a weekly Big Idea Series on Wednesdays which is heartfelt, thoughtful, and inspirational.

We formed into two groups, which grew into three, and will now become four and maybe five. With the constant support of my close colleague Ingrid Wilson, CHRL, CMS I have branded us as the HR Strategy Council. Watch for our reports in the next couple of days. 

This has been one of the most meaningful and wonderful experiences of my career. Out of the awful depths of COVID has come a beautiful thing. I’ve met an incredible group of HR Leaders who are now good friends and colleagues. We have formed a close and supportive community who have provided advice, guidance, and support throughout. At the start of COVID, we all made a choice. We could be victims or we could be victors. We are all better for it. And I thank each and every one of the participants for their support and commitment. We’re all richer for it.


Dr. Deborah Nixon

Dr. Deborah Nixon

Dr. Deborah Nixon, a consultant, thought-leader, speaker and coach- has a vision. The vision of authenticity which arises from a place of trust within the self and a place of trust within the institutions we all interact with. Trust is at a deficit these days and we are all paying the price for that deficit. There is cynicism in our public and private interactions and it exacts a cost- financially, emotionally, and societally. Dr. Nixon’s mission is to reduce or eliminate that cost so that we can move beyond the suspicion and on to the building of profitable and authentic relationships.
Dr. Nixon has researched trust and its impact on individuals and society since 1994. She has conducted hundreds of hours of interviews with CEOs, managers, factory workers, citizens, investors and regulators. She understands what drives people to trust and what happens when trust is breached. Her research led to her doctoral thesis, The Role and Meaning of Trust in Financial Institutions and has presentations of her work to both public and academic conferences. She has also conducted studies on the effectiveness of the organizational change process and the factors that inhibit the successful implementation of change strategies. This work naturally led her to listen carefully to the stories of countless workers, managers, union leaders and executives about what the change process meant to them and its impact on their working and personal lives.

Dr. Nixon has assisted clients in the assessment of the effectiveness of their organizations, structures, operations and processes. She has conducted many program reviews, evaluations and value for money audits. She has assessed and coached executives and leaders, helping to build succession plans and leadership development programs.

Dr. Nixon has a passion and an expertise in dealing with Canada’s North and with remote communities. She understands what it takes to work and succeed in the North and how to adapt organizational programs, change, resources, communication and decision-making to account for the unique challenges of Northern and remote environments.

Dr. Nixon has been a professor of Organizational Change, Organizational Behaviour, Organizational Ethics, and Communication in Organizations at York University, Ryerson University and Seneca College. She is a skilled facilitator, mentor and coach as well as an experienced and knowledgeable researcher and consultant with a unique understanding of the trust link between customers, stakeholders, employees and leaders.

Ingrid Wilson, CHRL, CMS

Ingrid Wilson, CHRL, CMS

Ingrid Wilson is an accomplished senior executive with more than 25 years of experience in corporate human resources and business strategy. She is a strategic partner and trusted advisor to CEOs, senior executive leaders and board of directors. Her business expertise spans several industries including Information Technology, Non-for-Profit, Public Sector and Healthcare with a focus on the Financial Services and Insurance industry over the last 17 plus years and more recently the Cannabis industry as an advisory board member. Ingrid has worked in private and public companies, as well as in regulatory environments; with global expertise working for organizations with diverse operations including the US and Europe.

She provides Strategic HR Advisory services to board of directors, CEOs and senior leadership teams in a variety of industries, on strategic people matters such as Organization Structure and Culture transformation; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility strategies; Acquisition and Integration strategies; Human Capital planning; Succession Planning and Leadership Development to ensure successful business results and alignment with business strategy. She also works with clients to define and build their HR strategy and inclusive Talent Management programs for all levels including the senior executive team, to build a road map that will grow the business, develop people and create a healthy and sustainable culture.

Ingrid has pursued excellence in strategic human resources and leadership through the CHRP and CHRL designation, and through programs at Queens University and the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. Ingrid also holds the Compensation Management Specialist (CMS) designation, through the Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) program.